August 15, 2018 admin

Newsletter #13


Hello @everyone, we are now 13 days in operation and here are our news for today. – FUD :poop: They did it again! The Omnidex aka Elyxr Guys who copied our project and FUD against us, scammed again! They tried to damage us the second time, but our community are strong! Everyone who dumped and leaved us to join these scammers. I’m sorry, i have warned you twice! Everyone who helped these scammers to spread fake news, lies and informations about us, shame on you! – Development Process :tools: Our Gaming platform moving forward! We ordered today a new dedicated microsoft licensed server with better performance & more capacity for our aspx based platform and waiting now for our new customized set up (est. 48-72h). Unfortunately, we will have a slightly delay of few days. I apologize for it, but patiently will be paid off. Our brand new website will be shared in the next couple of days, stay tuned! Thanks for your Attention! – The Creator of Lynia :eye: