August 24, 2018 admin

Newsletter #15


Hello @everyone, today is our 23th day of operation and we are proud to announce that hit two new milestones in a row. We finally reached a new all time high of 280 ETH in our smart contract and processed over 3000 transactions in less than three weeks. Thanks to the whole community who support and believed to us. – Lynia Games (24h delayed) :tools: We received yesterday a heavy attack on our new server. People may ask why does the DDOS does not affect the page. I already mentioned few weeks before, that our upcoming platform was ordered from a different provider with another server structure and operating system. Our regular websites are hosted on a linux server and our upcoming platform are hosted on a separate microsoft server. They are not connected to each other and having different security features. We ordered yesterday night a new „Layer 7 filtering“ protection which will be currently installed by them. We will definitely launch the dice game:bangbang: Thanks for your patience! – The Creator of Lynia :eye: