August 25, 2018 admin

Newsletter #16


Hello @everyone, The registration process for our gaming platform is now opened! Everyone around the world are now able to register a personal gaming account. We integrated a referral feature for upcoming events and bonuses. Please make sure, that you share your personal link to your family, friends & advertising activities. Lynia.Games based on an off-chain technology, which have lot of advantages and benefits. We can guarantee with the off-chain technology a flawless and fluent gameplay without paying high fees like on dapps. In case of this, everyone need to register an account to participate. (different on-chain apps without registration will be also launched in the future) Our new platform will be continuous updated with new modules & features over the next hours, days & weeks. Our 1st Game we going to deploy in 48h is the Classic Dice, so everyone have enough time, to share their personal link, preparing the funds or ask our support for help. So members have the opportunity to start at the same time. Fair play! We will also fund today the Bankroll with 15.000 LYNI Tokens to guarantee winning payouts immediately after launch. Our PVP Tournament game will be also introduced next week, stay tuned! Thanks for your Attention! – The Creator of Lynia :eye: