September 1, 2018 admin

Newsletter #19


Hello @everyone, today is a very special day. Lynia is finally one month old! :tada: Since the start we had many ups and down. Competitors faked us and damaged our brand, but we survived over and over again! People love us, People hate us.. but we never give up! We started to develop a project for gaming & entertainment purpose, but in the end we created a lovely and strong community, where unknown members connected each other and became friends. :blush: We never expected such a growth in the short time. Our smart contract processed almost 4000 transactions and made a revenue of 1500 Ethereum since the deployment 30 days ago. We successfully launched a Gaming Platform few days ago with almost 10.000 Bets in the first days. Now its time for the next step :bangbang: – The Whitepaper :page_facing_up: We will publish this month our first whitepaper and also all other related documents like introductions, application for external dapp projects etc. – Website & UI Optimization :tools: We will optimize both Websites ( & ) – „PVP Tournament“ Game :crossed_swords: We will launch this month our second game the „PvP Tournament“. More Informations will be shared in the upcoming days. Thanks for your Attention! – The Creator of Lynia :eye: