September 10, 2018 admin

Newsletter #20


Hello @everyone, we are now 38 days in operation and here are our news for today. Our community holds a strong support line at 190 ETH in our smart contract, even after the whole crypto currency blood bath during the last days. We are so thankful for your loyalty and trust! – The Whitepaper :page_facing_up: Our 1st Whitepaper Version is now online! Feel free and read the document on We will update our Whitepaper after every major update on our platform. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas feel free to contact our support. – Development Process :tools: Our Development process for the upcoming PVP Tournament Game doing well. We already completed over 60% coding work and prepared also few other platform updates. You can track our current progress and ETA for every upcoming game on Lynia.Games. More informations and updates will be announced shortly. Thanks for your Attention! – The Creator of Lynia :eye: