Oktober 4, 2018 admin

Newsletter #22


Hello Community, I apologize on behalf of the entire team for the lack of communication during the last few weeks. Our region was hit directly by several serious natural disasters. Our office was available for a short time, but we had to leave this again for safety reasons. We had no network access during the period and therefore could not contact you promptly. We are currently planning to move to another country because we are all severely affected. Nonetheless, we will continue to continue our work on Lynia as soon as possible! We have suffered a severe setback and lost many loyal members, but we are equally grateful to everyone who continues to stand behind our unique project. In the future, we will give Lynia a new lease of life and make it bigger and better than ever before. Our goal is still to become one of the largest entertainment platforms for the entire cryptocurrency niche and we are sure one day we will achieve it together. Thank you very much for your patience and your trust. Sincerely, Piotr